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Football for nothing and popcorn for free – A match in Nablus

Freitag, 31. Dezember 2010 19:08


As you already recognized, it is quite hard to catch a football match in the West Bank, because the Palestine’s are not into local football and you cannot find printed timetables, where you are able to inform. While walking through the nice souks of Nablus asking for a match at the Municipal Stadium the Palestinians are giving hints where bars are showing English and Spanish football. Of course, we didn’t want to watch football in a bar, we wanted to see a match in the stadium, which we saw from the International Guest House, where we slept during our visit (our definitive recommondation for Nablus groundhoppers). The Palestinians were quiet surprised why we wanted to watch a match there, because the local football is bad, we would be disappointed about the level and anyway they did not know it. [...]

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