Hat trick sausage at Camp Nou

FC Barcelona

The prospect of seeing an FC Barcelona match of any importance is enough to have even the slightest of football fans excited. For a real football fan it’s enough to make one ‘jizz in their pants’. A playing roster that headlines world super stars such as Messi, Villa, Puyol, Pique, Xavi, Iniesta and a regular bench player in Zlatan Ibrahimovic (now at AC Milan), it’s fair to say that the manager has plenty of ‘grenades’ at his disposal. One of three clubs never to be relegated from La Liga, FC Barcelona is just about the most successful European club in history – just take a look at their trophy cabinet!

The Super Copa final is the Spanish equivalent to the English FA Community Shield, which is contested by the winners of the La Liga and the Copa del Rey over two legs. The first leg played in Sevilla saw a surprise 3-1 win to the hosts – meaning Barca must win the return fixture by at least two goals to take home another piece of silver wear.

Camp NouOn entry, my first thought of the ‘Nou Camp’ was: ‘wow, why the f**** did my parents not make me become a professional footballer’. The facilities and persona of the stadium are simply stunning, to watch a game live is a real spectacle (imagine actually playing!). The atmosphere is very different compared to that of say an English Premier League fixture, where singing is very much the theme – rather, it was more a ‘buzz’ around the ground which at times would grow to sound like an angry pack of wasps whenever the visiting team displeased the crowd. The game itself did not disappoint, how can it when Messi scores a hat trick! Barcelona completely outplayed and outclasses Sevilla on all fronts. They played the ‘Barcelona brand of football’ which is breath taking – it defines the word beautiful.  Everyone in the crowd (apart from the few Sevilla fans) would have gone home satisfied – even better for the Barca fans was that they won another piece of silver wear (even if it is one of the more irrelevant prizes in their trophy cabinet). I certainly felt that I had received full value for the €53 I paid for entry (the cheapest seats were €30) – although I doubt I could afford to see Barcelona play every weekend!

Anyway, let’s get to business – the sausage. To be honest with you all, my sausage eating experiences are fairly limited to a standard ‘snag’ on the BBQ – thus I am hardly qualified to write a sausage review. My rookie sausage eating experience was immediately evident as I almost made the exercise worthless by lining up in the ‘hot dog’ stand line – luckily I came to my senses and found a legitimate ‘sausage’ stand nearby.

the sausageAfter nearly twenty minutes of lining up my much anticipated sausage was delivered to me for a steep price of €4.50 – although given the location of the sausage I wasn’t too outraged. I turned down the option of a €5 beer (I’m not a fan of the local Spanish Beer anyway) and opted for the €1.80 water. In terms of condiments, mustard and ketchup were the only options – both of which I added to my sausage, which by now was looking very appealing. The bread was nice and fresh which was a surprise, and the sausage itself was quite tender and tasty – making the overall experience a positive one (if they weren’t €4.50 I would have gone back for a second one!). The sausage was certainly better than the average sausage on offer at a sporting event. Originally I thought about rating the sausage a 3 / 5, however, the Messi hat trick must have left a great taste in my mouth and for that I changed my rating to 3.5 / 5. I think I love Barcelona!


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